Russian distribution company for the supply of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements in the hospital and retail segment

Russian distribution company for the supply of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements in the hospital and retail segment

VITALON LLC is a Russian distribution company for the supply of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements in the hospital and retail segment. Since 2016, our Company has been successfully taking part in public procurement to provide preferential categories of citizens with hypoglycemic, anti-asthmatic, and antitumor medicines.

Since 2018, the direction for the supply of medical devices and dietary supplements to pharmacy chains and retail has been developing dynamically.

VITALON LLC actively promotes the state program of import substitution. We work all over Russia and have Regional Offices in such cities as Moscow, Volgograd, Samara, Tyumen, and Vladivostok.


  1. To be a reliable partner for customers and manufacturers for supply of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements of Russian production.
  2. To perform the duties undertaken in good faith and not to let the clients down.
  3. To be open, lawful, and honest participant of medical goods market, to develop new directions and new markets, to increase the trade turnover with partners.
  4. To create a comfortable environment for employees for self-realization, development and personal growth

Activity Direction


    VITALON is a Russian distribution company for the supply of medicines and dietary supplements in the hospital and retail segments. Since 2016, we regularly participate in the procurement of medicines, medical devices and equipment for public health facilities and pharmacies, which has provided us with a reputation as a reliable and proven partner.

    The priority direction of our work is the implementation of the import substitution program, which will provide citizens with anti-asthmatic, hypoglycemic, antitumor drugs, antibiotics and drugs for anesthesiology from Russian manufacturers. In cooperation with colleagues from near and far abroad, we are actively increasing the supply of medicines and dietary supplements to large pharmacy chains.

    VITALON cooperates with leading manufacturers of medicines in Russia and abroad, so our partners are always confident in the quality of the products supplied. We are continuously working to increase the speed and volume of deliveries, reducing the delivery time to a minimum. Thanks to the well-established system of compliance with the cold chain, the possibility of violating the rules of storage of drugs at any stage of transportation is excluded.

    One of the main advantages of the company "VITALON", which distinguishes us from other distributors, is our pricing policy. We combine the best terms of delivery and a minimum margin, which provides state budget organizations with favorable terms of cooperation


    The VITALON company, in cooperation with the world's largest manufacturers of medicines, dietary supplements and medical instruments, has been supplying private commercial medical institutions since 2016, and since 2018, it has been actively working to increase supplies to large pharmacy chains for sale through pharmacy points. The warehouse area has been increased to 1500 m2, which allows us to continuously and as quickly as possible deliver medicines, medical devices and personal protective equipment to all regions of the country.

    The priority direction in the commercial segment is the implementation of the supply of dietary supplements to pharmacies. We cooperate with such major manufacturers as "Evalar", "Kosmopharm", "Vitamir", "Parafarm", "Global health care" and many others, thanks to which the constant range is brought to 15,000 positions and is regularly updated.

    VITALON is one of the Top 30 largest distributors in Russia, which deservedly gives us the right to be proud of our reputation in the market. Our employees managed to build a network of established contacts between suppliers and buyers, which allowed us to achieve stable growth of the company and increase the annual turnover to 5 billion rubles. Focusing on the needs of our customers, we provide the most favorable conditions that allow us to achieve successful and productive cooperation for both parties.

On guard of health of millions!

VITALON pays great attention to the implementation of the import substitution program and the support of the Russian manufacturer in order to provide the country with modern, high-quality and inexpensive medicines, biologically active additives and other medical products. We are actively involved in establishing contacts between suppliers and public health facilities to provide Russian citizens with affordable medical care. Today, our specialists are developing strategies for export cooperation with the near and far abroad, establishing the supply of Russian products abroad.

The growth of our company is based on the analysis of market development trends, promotion of the latest ideas and innovative products, both in the commercial and budget segment. We are working on the implementation of bold and non-standard projects that will allow us to preserve and increase the health of the nation in the future.

In the era of development of IT technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics, young people are increasingly suffering from classic age-related diseases. Sedentary lifestyle, chronic fatigue and stress led to a decrease in the overall health of the population. Traditional schemes of medicine and pharmaceuticals are becoming less effective in the new living conditions, which is why VITALON is actively working on the development of its own R&D department. We believe that bold ideas drive progress, so we focus all our efforts on improving the pharmaceutical market for the health of millions.